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Exploring Agency Positioning: Trends, Uses, Case Studies

Image is Everything— Right?

It is easy to understand the importance of presenting a positive image for clients, however, at times it seems that some agencies forget to check out their own reflection in the mirror. Prospective clients have a vast array of choices in their search for the perfect agency and it is vital to recognize that solid agency positioning can weigh heavily on that decision.

Clear agency positioning provides the opportunity to stand out while also offering: an increase in your agency’s relevance, a clear direction for how the agency will spend its time and resources, prospects that line up with agency’s core strengths—what you do best, fewer competitors who do exactly what you do!

Nailing down the positioning can be difficult, but a quick tip to getting there is to ask the following questions: What do we do? Who do we do it for? How do we do it? Each agency approaches these questions in their own unique manner, so let’s dive in and take a closer look at how a few of them vary.

-Big powerhouses such as Wieden+Kennedy often keep their image simple as a “full-service” agency. This positioning can be helpful to a client who is looking for a one stop shop, however, it is necessary that any brand relying on this stance have the case studies and experience like W+K to support it.

-McCann Worldgroup harps on innovation. Their “change is the only constant” and emphasis on transforming their clients’ brands is a compelling standpoint. They are embracing the ever changing landscape and packaging themselves as a chameleon that can change with the times along with their clients’ needs.

-Grey Worldwide is well known for their “Famously Effective Since 1917” slogan, but what does this really mean? Grey’s philosophy states that there is a belief in 2 different types of agencies— some that make famous work and some that make effective work. Utilizing their 92+ years of case studies they drive home the claim that they can do what other agencies can’t, by merging both the famous and effective.

-Ready to start a “cultural movement”? Strawberry Frog is. With these words, Strawberry Frog is putting themselves in a powerful position by offering the idea that they are prepared to influence people with innovative ideas on their clients’ behalf.

-Accent Marketing has an edge on the Hispanic market. As a minority-owned and managed agency, they entice clients by making their knowledge and experience invaluable for anyone trying to reach their specialized demographic.

As positioning varies, it allows every agency room to do what they do best. With the right focus and a clear self-image, agencies can stand out among the competition and leave their mark. It should be every agency’s goal to make a strong and lasting impression on potential clients, which can only be done when they know exactly what they stand for.

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