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Facebook Home Has Not Received Many Downloads

Is it panic time in Zuckerberg Land? After a week of being on the market, Facebook Home has not received many downloads—relatively. According to the Benedict Evans, the app has just reached the 500,000 installation mark on Google Play amid some very lackluster initial reviews. In comparison, Instagram’s app received over one million downloads in less than 24 hours.

Devindra Hardawar of VentureBeat is quick to point out that the numbers could be skewed due to the limited amount of handsets that Facebook Home supports. He also points out that all the negative reviews could be spun in a positive way. At least it means the app was received with long-awaited anticipation, with over 11,000 people actually taking the time to experiment with and review it. Perhaps Facebook basically taking over one’s entire phone is just something users will have to be eased into, rather than blindly adopt.

With that said, the limited handset argument is hard to believe since Home can be found on quite a few popular smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy III. Maybe what the low interest in Home points to is that users are starting to hit the wall with Facebook. Conversation’s own Alex Realmuto explored this notion in a MediaPost article, entitled “Facebook Is Losing Its Luster,” a few weeks ago. The article highlights that among the trends the social media giant has to watch out for are privacy issues associated with Facebook, the attraction of users to other niche platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, and a turnoff to the site due to constantly changing features.

More time certainly needs to be given to the platform before it is truly determined whether it will be a success or a bust. However, this may also be a sign that consumers are starting to tire of Facebook attempting to take over every aspect of their lives.


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