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Facebook Paper Emphasizes Importance of Content

The launch of Facebook’s new mobile app, “Facebook Paper,” has the marketing world wondering exactly what the platform can do for brands. The app essentially serves as a mobile-based newspaper, as the heavy focus on content is a trend that many of the larger social media players, namely Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, started to follow in 2013.

Some users may have noticed the increased frequency of article posts on their Facebook walls over the past year. This was no accident, as Facebook has suddenly had to compete with the likes of Buzzfeed and Gawker for user attention. The launch of Paper allows Facebook to not only serve as a social network, but a media hub.

The layout of Paper is quite eye-catching; large images that dominate the mobile screen accompanied by swipe navigation from section to section.

The concept of native advertising should not be new to brand marketers. However, while some have embraced content as a key engagement factor, others have not yet joined the party. The introduction of Paper should convince the latter group to take the leap.

Ways in which brands can start taking advantage of the platform include placing greater focus on long-form posts, instituting more brand imagery online, and taking advantage of video. Ultimately, what will be important to keep in mind is that Paper is a brand new content distribution channel that will have the ability to not only encourage engagement with brand consumers, but drive them to brand websites and other company information. The launch of this new tool should serve as a glimpse into where online is headed: a content driven landscape.


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