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Facebook To The Rescue For Nepal

Over the past week Facebook has proved itself to be a whole lot more than just a daily social tool to keep in touch with friends and discover intriguing BuzzFeed articles.  After the 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal on Saturday April 25th, Facebook jumped to action by enacting the network’s Donate button which allows any Facebook user to make a contribution to a disaster’s relief efforts.  Over $10 million has been raised in less than a week and Mark Zuckerburg confirms that Facebook will donate an additional $2 million on top of that.  All funds raised will go directly to the International Medical Corps’ mobile first-aid units.  In addition, Facebook’s new safety feature called Safety Check was utilized by over 7 million people effected by the earthquake.  The feature sends a notification to anyone in an area struck my disaster and prompts them to answer whether or not they are okay.  Their response generates a post to their Facebook page so friends and family who cannot reach their loved ones by phone can at least find comfort in knowing that they are alive and safe.  Over 150 million Facebook users were reached by the 7 million responses generated by the earthquake victims.  When you have the power to reach nearly 1.2 billion people, it’s amazing what you can accomplish if you take the appropriate actions.  Kudos to Mark Zuckerburg.