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Facebook Stats Say A Great Deal About Mobile Marketing

Facebook stats say a great deal about mobile marketing. Many have wondered if the social media giant has lost a bit of its luster, including my colleague Alex Realmuto. Yet, it seems like the more people there are complaining about Facebook, its addictiveness and its policies, the more there are signing up for it.

Simon Dumenco of AdAge made this quirky little observation in his recent article “If We’re All So Darn Sick of You, Facebook, Why Can’t We Quit You?” In it, he points out that a survey ran by Business Insider in 2011 and again in 2012 revealed that Facebook was the only major social media platform to lose ground in terms of usage from one year to another.

So does this mean it’s time for Facebook to panic? In my opinion: not so much. Why? Because of the aforementioned mobile marketing. As of March 2013, Facebook has reported having 1.11 billion active users. However, that doesn’t tell the whole story. Facebook also reported 751 mobile users. That is up from 488 million since October. A jump like that means significant mobile revenue.

On a personal note, so much of my life consists of waiting; whether it is waiting for the doctor, the train, a movie, etc. Nowadays, people inevitably turn to mobile for their entertainment, and I have nearly worn down my Facebook app – yet I keep going back to it.

Dumenco was quick to mention that marketers have, at times, been a little premature when it comes to the phrase “you have to” (i.e. you have to be on MySpace, you have to be on AOL, etc.). However, what will separate Facebook from suffering the same exact fate as the fallen before it is its heavy investment in mobile. And if mobile can eventually claim responsibility for keeping Facebook alive, that says even more about its power down the road.


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