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Famous Jingles: Analysis, Research, Facts

Advertising jingles may be fun and catchy, but do they actually help a Brand become top of mind for the consumer?

It seems common sense that including both visual and audio clues in an advertisement help reinforce a brand’s message, but did you know that the type of audio used can make a difference?  In fact, a study one showed that while 62% of respondents recalled a particular ad once given a verbal cue, 83% recalled the ad when instead given a musical cue.

Taking it another step further,  the type of music that is included makes a noticeable difference as well.  For instance, it has been shown that background music has no impact on a consumer’s recall of that ad, however, if the brand instead inserts a popular song into the ad it was 23.6% effective at affecting consumer recall.

To top all of that, custom jingles such as the ones we grew up singing, rated 54% more effective than the Pop Song jingle and the highest overall at 77.6% effective for name recognition and message recall making it the most effective type of jingle.  Most importantly, a brand must remember to make their name prominent in the jingle and while the song can be funny and catchy, it must be strongly related to the brand.

Given all that information it’s no wonder that three quarters of the estimate sixty billion broadcast advertising hours in North America are filled with some type of music.



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