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Female Empowerment Takes the Win at Cannes

Gender equality, prejudices and the like have been high on the global radar lately.  During this year’s Cannes Lions International Festival taking place this week, a new award was created and awarded which specifically celebrates the advertising agency who best confronted an issue such as these.  The award has been named The Glass Lion: The Lion for Change.  The winners in the category were awarded for their commitment to empowering women and “debunking stereotypical taboos,” as USA Today puts it.

According to USA Today, “The Grand Prix Glass Lion — the top in the category — was awarded to BBDO India and Proctor & Gamble India’s ‘Touch the Pickle’ campaign, a push by sanitary napkin brand Whisper to shatter old taboos about menstruation in India. In particular, the campaign targets how menstruating women cannot touch the pickle jar in the kitchen, lest they make its contents ‘impure.'”

In addition, seven other campaigns out of the 166 entries also received recognition within the category for female empowerment, one of them being the Leo Burnett campaign #LikeAGirl which was led  by their Chicago, Toronto, and London offices.  The campaign aimed to change the meaning behind “like a girl” from something seen as weak or negative, to something strong and beautiful.  They did an incredible job!

Congrats to all for their incredible efforts to bring about change in our world!


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