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#FlashbackFriday: ‘Be Like Mike’

It has been quite frustrating for many of us over the years trying to find decent quality versions of our favorite, classic TV commercials.  YouTube, the end-all-be-all of video compilation, typically does not have those old ads that we’re scavenging for.  Luckily, in celebration of Gatorade’s 50th Anniversary, they have decided to resurrect and refurbish the fan favorite commercial featuring Michael Jordan from 1992.  The campaign ‘Be Like Mike’ was a smash hit 23 years ago and likely will regain it’s fame this NBA All-Star Weekend when it’s heavily promoted.  Gatorade also plans on selling limited edition bottles of Mike’s favorite flavored beverage “Citrus Coolor” clad in a retro label starting towards the end of March.  Check out the revamped commercial below!