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Football Season Brings Advertising Opportunities


With the world of football getting ready to kick off their season, new campaigns from brands across the board are kicking off as well.  This nationwide televised season brings a great deal of celebrating among true-blood fans and wayward fans alike.  Winning or not, one thing is for sure… this crowd loves a good tailgate, Sunday get-together or Monday night binge.  Walk down the aisles of your local grocery store, or Wal-Mart and you will be sure to see bags of chips, dips, cookies, crackers, and nearly everything snackable slathered in labels promoting NFL teams.  Even straight-edge Jell-O has caught on, and now offers flavors and molds catering to the colors and mascots of college teams across the country to promote enjoyment of their jiggly fruit-flavored snacks.  What makes all of this even more interesting? Although considered to be a man’s sport, 45% of women reported to watch the sport every weekend last year; and aside from the fact that almost half of women are tuning into America’s favorite sport, the fact that women hold the household purchase power means that all of these goods should actually be marketed towards women, football themed or not.  As Kevin Costner heard through a whisper in Field of Dreams, “If you build it, he will come,” this quote holds true for football just the same.  This empire brings many opportunities for marketers to lure in fans.

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