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Fred the Cello: A Biography


Fred the Cello was born in 1999 to a German violin maker in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The violin maker quickly put him up for adoption, and later that year he was adopted by a loving family from Boca Raton. He went to live with them and quickly became best friends with their daughter, Elyse.

It took a while for Elyse and Fred to get to know each other, but soon they met another cello-human pair, Natasha and her cello, Boris. Boris and Natasha had been together since Natasha was 5 years old, and they liked to show off by playing all sorts of complicated pieces in front of Elyse and Fred. Needless to say, Elyse and Fred quickly bonded over the idea of becoming better than Boris and Natasha, and by the time Fred was 3 years old, they had recorded a CD with Boris and Natasha – of Vivaldi’s Double Cello Concerto in G minor – and even started taking cello lessons from Natasha’s mom, an incredible professional cellist.

As Fred and Elyse grew up, they became closer and closer, and slowly started to think that they would eventually become the best cello-human pair in the world. They reached their peak while Elyse was in high school, when Natasha’s mom finally admitted that Elyse and Fred were more skilled than Boris and Natasha. Elyse and Fred were so excited about this that they tried out for Florida’s All-State orchestra – which only accepted 10 students out of the hundreds who tried out each year – and made it.

Throughout the years, Elyse and Fred played in summer music festivals, concerts, recitals, and were part of four orchestras and cello ensembles. The most challenging part of their relationship came when they were trying to perfect one piece to play in Elyse’s high school senior recital – Tchaikovsky’s Rococo Variations. This was the most difficult piece they had ever tried to learn together, and one of the most difficult pieces to play out of all cello pieces. After 8 months of memorizing, painstaking practicing and rehearsing, however, they pulled out a triumphant performance in front of music students, staff, family, and friends at the recital.

After Elyse graduated from high school and their teacher had moved to Canada, Elyse and Fred began to grow apart. Though they played in orchestra and the cello ensemble at the University of Florida, they never again reached the heights they were at in high school. For a while, Elyse even left Fred to play in the marching band on a trombone named Larry. Fred’s heart was broken.


However, Elyse soon realized the error of her ways, and came running back to Fred with open arms. After they moved to New York, Elyse and Fred decided it was time to start bonding again. Elyse got Fred a makeover, and since then, they’ve been happily playing in the New York Symphonic Arts Ensemble. It’s their dream to one day relearn the Rococo Variations, and play it with a full orchestra behind them. They know that as long as they have each other, they’ll be able to do anything.



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