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Fun With Brands

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As we start to set our eyes on bigger and better projects and Clients that allow us to truly bring our full service capabilities to the table, it is interesting to note how we interact with brands on an everyday basis.  Sometimes we just don’t realize how brands  and their advertising can infiltrate almost every second of our day.

When it comes down to it, brands are more than just a kick ass e-commerce site, a fun Facebook quiz or a hysterical viral video.  Successful brands hold much more value in the eyes of the consumer – a value that has been communicated to them through the strategy the brand has decided to put into place.  And what many of us don’t realize is how we subconsiously choose these brands day in and day out.

Now the fun part!

A few years ago I came across this person’s blog post on how they documented a day in their life through the brands they used.  While I can’t attest that all of these are actually brands (you’ll see what I mean when you scroll down) it does demonstrate how often we make the decision to use a product or brand.  Even more importantly, it clearly shows the other brand clutter in our everyday lives that can cause our message not to be heard.

If you have a few minutes, try and create your own brand timeline too – I promise you will be surprised by some of the things you realize!

Ahhh consumerism….


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