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The Future Of Healthcare In A Digital World

As digital is becoming ever more engrossed in our daily lives, we must come to realize the inevitability of it beginning to play a large role in our health’s diagnosis, not only in hospitals and doctor’s offices (as it is now) but also from the comfort of our own homes.  With healthcare costs rising, and often times doctors having more patients than they can reasonably manage, digital is going to need to step up and lessen the workload, as it has done for dozens of other industries since the millennium.  From a marketing standpoint, you may be wondering what challenge is at hand.  Well, healthcare marketers are going to need to start strategizing for the future as to how they plan on attracting patients to the services of brick and mortar hospitals and doctors’ offices as opposed to the quick, cheap, and easy digital diagnostic platforms that will surely become players in the field sooner rather than later.  Take a look at the infographics below for a a more detailed example.  The world continues to surprise us with how innovative we can truly be.

Sam's healthcare journey today
sams journey tomorrow

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