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Gadget of the Week: Altec Lansing Stage-Gig

Some people might hate on this product for furthering the fantasies of faux-Jimi Hendrix Guitar Hero players worldwide, but we’re down with the Altec Lansing Stage-Gig.

What does it do exactly? It lets Guitar Hero/Rock Band superstars connect their console audio to it and recreate the stage-rocking 40-watt amplitude real guitarists rock on stage. With the Guitar Hero craze rivaling that of Balloon Boy (our take on that here), some “haters” are encouraging gamers to pick up a real guitar and learn how to play. To them we say, “Poo-poo on you, sir!”

See, we’re busy strategizing and executing great marketing campaigns so we won’t have the time to learn the real guitar. Plus, it’s much more satisfying slaughtering songs with half the effort and know-how. Five buttons, fake whammy bar and a game console is all we need, thank you. Oh, and this thing too.


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