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Gap Kids’ First Social Media Campaign

While often times it is frowned upon for a brand to have multiple accounts on a given social media site, sometimes it might just be the right move.  When your brand targets multiple generations, having a few accounts that are each more tailored to the brand segment that resonates with them, can sometimes be more effective than lumping all content into one account.

Gap, for instance, recently launched their first social media campaign for their Gap Kid’s line and did so via their actual Gap Kid’s accounts, rather than just their standard Gap account.  The campaign targets proud moms who like to post pictures of their cute kids to social media.

They are asked to post 3 photos of their child, after doing so they will receive a 15 second Gap ad video that they are asked to post to social media.  16 winners will be chosen at the culmination of the campaign on September 15.   Winners will receive a round-trip to NYC, London or Tokyo where they will take part in a photo shoot that will be used for 2015 retail window displays.

Campaigns that only call a certain demographic to action within an account that targets a broader audience can leave other followers feeling less connected to the brand.   Always consider your entire audience before launching social media campaigns in order to get the most positive engagement.