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Great Rising Musicians to Check Out

Every month, we find ourselves doing a quick check to find out which of the following artists are coming through the area or have picked up a recurring set.  So, we thought, why not spread the love!  Got an artist you find yourself frequenting?  Post a comment so we can add it to the list!

The Roots – Can’t actually say these guys are “rising” musicians, but we’re including these legends since they are currently performing a weekly residency at The Highline Ballroom in NYC.¬† What was originally only supposed to last through June, is now running through, well, the forseeable future.

Jesse Harris, Tony Scherr, Jim Campilongo (The Living Room NYC, Monday Nights) РGrouping these guys together as they each rotate in and out of the Monday Night, FREE time slot at The Living Room at 10 or 11p.  Each are superstars in their own right, writing hits and performing with Norah Jones, and the show is a religious experience no matter who you catch!  Depending on the week, you might see Norah or a host of other celebrities in the audience or on stage themselves!

The Gabe Dixon Band РFellow UM Alums still going strong, now based in Nashville writing for and rocking out with legends like Paul McCartney and Kenny Loggins.  The lineup has changed a bit, but no members outside of the original band have been added (sadly, just subtracted.)  Catch them while you can!

Jay Nash – Frequent tour buddy of both Matt Nathanson and The Gabe Dixon Band (pretty sure we’ve seen him with both) is well worth a listen.¬† Incredibly talented, great voice, and he normally brings a decent cast of characters with him to play.

Matt Nathanson – OK, so this guy is Top-40 now, but dig for his good stuff as we’ve known about him since right around 2000 when he was working the west coast.¬† Try and catch him at a venue that seats (read “seats”) less than 100 such as Joe’s Pub.¬† If it’s quiet enough for him to hear, request “Miracles” which is one of his best tunes but rarely played these days.¬† Our guess is that the old stuff was on a different label, so he’s probably forbidden from releasing them.¬† Pickup his latest album and “Beneath these Fireworks” for a good cross section, then dig back to early taper MP3s.


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