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Green Marketing: Overview


The notion of “going green” has become one of those rare, good cause concepts that surpasses a do-good movement and actually becomes a trend in and of itself.

Remember the LIVESTRONG yellow rubber bracelets that supported the Lance Armstrong Foundation? What started as a simple one dollar-a-pop attempt at fundraising and advocacy, became one of the hottest trends of 2004 boosting sales of the new “must have” accessory to more that 50 million. “Going green” is, similarly, not just another goal for the common good, but a popular trend and a wise business practice. Expect the upcoming holidays to reflect a story that is no different.


Evidence of the trendy outpouring sentiment is everywhere; t-shirts urge us to “Go green!”,  Whole Foods is awash with reusable grocery bags and hybrid car commercials litter (ahem, I mean fill) our nighttime TV slots. Businesses and marketers are not unaware. A 2010 research study conducted by Mintel International revealed a 15 percent rise in organic foods and “natural” items since 2006; numbers that have caused corporate America to take notice. Even Wal-mart Stores Inc., has set forth promotions and challenged its suppliers to meet new ecological initiatives and, as we have learned, if Wal-mart makes demands, suppliers make it happen. The result is consumers with eased minds and shelves filled with “green”-stamped products, albeit at higher prices. But when has a hot product not come at a trend-worthy price?

This Christmas, expect the green product movement and the advertising to be in full force. Our own, New York City’s tree at Rockefeller Center will continue to use LED Christmas lights which, since the switch, use 63 percent less energy. With everything from environmentally-friendly wrapping paper and e-cards in lieu of mailers, to more “green” product ads on television than there are decorated fir trees, the holidays can certainly be expected to provide a little red and lots and lots of green.



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