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Greg Packer: Master of Line-Sitting

Who ever thought you could be paid money to wait on line? Those who said no—just talk to Greg Packer. Packer is just an ordinary Long Island man who has gotten his 15 minutes of fame for his impressive line-sitting. His most noted claim to fame is that he was the first person in line for the Apple iPhone backed in 2007 at the 5th Avenue store. He also was first in line for the iPad, but was sadly told to move back due to having no reservation. With the new iPhone 4 coming out, you’d better be certain that Packer is waiting in line again. But this time he’s getting a few perks out of it.

Gazelle, a service that lets people sell and recycle their unwanted electronics, is sponsoring Packer’s sit for the iPhone 4. Gazelle has outfitted Packer with some snazzy threads to wear and camping equipment to face the harsh elements of NYC. On top of that, he is also getting paid $250 every day he waits in line AND Gazelle is going to pay for his new iPhone 4. If I was getting paid that amount of money, I’d be out there for weeks!

Some people think he’s crazy, others think he’s a pioneer. What’s your opinion on the matter?


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