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Hamburglar Makes a Reappearance for McDonald’s

On Wednesday McDonald’s super-sized on nostalgia with the relaunch of the Hamburglar. It went viral. Twitter exploded with shares comparing the new fast-food bandit to celebrities ranging from wrestlers to politicians, according to The Guardian.

“A far cry from the cheeky childish earlier incarnation – last seen in 2002 – the new Hamburglar is somewhere between hipster and Christian Grey. For a company that has been struggling to cope with fundamental shifts in the restaurant market, this is an unexpected coup. Yet the response of the media press has been sniffy, accusing the campaign as being, like the menu, stuck in the past and rather creepy.  But let’s not throw the burger out with the gherkin. Of course the revival reeks of self-cannibalism; but like all the great brands, McDonald’s can afford to play with its cult status.”