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Hipster: Trending in 2015

The idea of old trends circling back and becoming popular again is certainly nothing new; however, it seems that as 2015 is now underway, the “hipster” trend is really calling in full force.  From clothing to stationary, old ideas that for years were considered tired and dated, are now actually “in.”

Take Field Notes for example, a pocket-sized, simple, 48 page notebook inspired by the tractor companies’ promotional notebooks that were handed out to farmers back in the 1920s;  with technology taking over the world, who would have thought that a plain, little pocket-sized notebook would find a place to call home in our world?  Turns out that people actually value a solid, simple, American made product.  There’s nothing like a pen/pencil to paper kind of brainstorm.  Limited editions of Field Notes have even sold for over $300 on eBay!  There’s still money in paper and this little pocketbook is a growing trend.

In the realm of fashion we see blue-collar worker inspired clothing making a mainstream appearance back into wardrobes.  Brands like L.C. King, Filson, Dickies and Carhartt are leaders in the industry’s trend.  These clothes originally intended to be worn by the “hardworking American”, if you will, are growing in popularity among more of the white collared in society.  As office dress codes transition to a more casual feel, these brands have managed to adapt and find a place for themselves.

As marketers, it’s just as important to look back to the past for inspiration as it is to brainstorm ahead towards the future.


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