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Holiday Travelers Off to an Early Start

The biggest traveling day of the year is upon us.¬† It was quite noticeable for me when I got on the train and sat with a total of 3 other people on my way in to the city.¬† The scene from¬† Penn Station was a 21st century version Moses’ exodus from Egpyt, I had never seen so many people leaving the worlds greatest city before. It’s the day before Thanksgiving, the time for everyone to go home to their families and loved ones.¬† But long lines and stressful flight delays has begun since last week, as frugal travelers look to save every penny and have booked earlier, less expensive flights.¬† We’ve even had a few members of the Conversation team take the same road, and some who are leaving for the airport first thing tomorrow morning.¬† And who can blame anyone for wanting to save a few dollars, and turn that weekend getaway into a week long retreat? Makes me wish I had some distant relatives.


Although air travel is expected to fall 6.7 percent this holiday from last year, according to AAA, the travel group, 2.3 million people are predicted to fly this week.¬† Ripping the chapter of the fallacy of composition out of thier economic textbooks, many travelers were shocked to see that they were not the only ones who thought to leave early, and faced long lines at the airport a week before the holiday.¬† This new holiday travel pattern will most certainly force airlines and travel companies to rethink their holiday flight schedules, including flight availability and airfare rates.¬† I’ll be eagerly awaiting the commercials next year boasting earlybird flight discounts if you leave by Veterans Day and return home Mid-December.

To everyone traveling these next few days, be safe and have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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