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Hotel Takes All-Inclusive To A Whole New Level

all inclusive social hotel

Have you ever been out and about with family or friends and find yourself in a position where you would looove to get a photo to document the memory but a. everyone wants to be in the photo, b. no one has access to their phone at that moment, or c. the place that you want to take the photo isn’t necessarily “camera-friendly”?  If you said yes to any or all of the above, then maybe you should consider taking your next vacation in Isreal!  You’re probably saying to yourself, “What!? Why?”, well we will tell you.  All inclusive Israeli hotel U Coral Beach Club Eilat isn’t just your typical all-inclusive resort.  Yes, they have the expected amenities and deals but they will also take your photos for you throughout the duration of your stay.  This hotel distributes RFID bracelets upon check-in which connect you directly to your Facebook page.  At any of the 16 camera stations around the resort (one is even under water in one of their pools) you can pose with your friends, family, strangers, or even for a selfie if you’re up for it and it will automatically upload the photo to your Facebook for you.  This hotel is one of the first movers to integrate social with promoting a tech-free, fun time.  From a marketing standpoint, this is a very smart strategy.  A feature that their guests see as a convenience, actually works in their favor as well, by spreading their brand name to their guests’ social media platforms increasing their reach potential exponentially.  Offering such a service may be a smart move for other companies as well.  Marketers, take note!

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