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How To: Appear in a Facebook user’s News Feed

Most of us over here at Conversation love attention, or grabbing attention for our Clients. And in the digital space, it’s always nice to know about Facebook, their updates, and how they operate – since Facebook is a great way to grab attention.

Today’s topic is the News Feed, and the relevancy engine behind it, EdgeRank.

EdgeRank sounds cool, and it is. Here’s a breakdown on EdgeRank from TechCrunch:

“Every item that shows up in your News Feed is considered an Object. If you have an Object in the News Feed (say, a status update), whenever another user interacts with that Object they’re creating what Facebook calls an Edge, which includes actions like tags and comments.”

Now, from there, each Edge has three components to it! Bear with us:

  1. An affinity score: The amount of interaction (number of times you click on their profile, post on their wall, etc.) that the viewing user and the Edge creator have between each other is calculated.
  2. Weight: Comments and Pokes are different actions, and as such, they carry different values.
  3. Time: The older the Edge is, the less important/relevant it becomes. (Funny, the only time this isn’t true is when you are studying history.)

After the scoring is calculated and the value of the Edge is added, it’s straightforward: The higher the EdgeRank is, the more likely your post/action is to show up in another user’s feed.

Boom! Now you know how to win at Facebook.


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