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I subscribe to Cat Fancy Magazine

…But don’t want you to know.
Ten years ago I was sitting in a meeting with some (now forgotten) media technology vendor who said that they had the ability to match IP addresses with personally identifiable data like names, addresses, etc., to personalize online ads.  So essentially, the ad could say, “Hey Myles, you can buy new socks at our store around the corner from your office on 23rd Street.”
We didn’t do it.  We could only imagine the fire we’d take from an invasion of privacy like that!
Never mind that I received a J. Crew catalogue because I purchased something from Land’s End.  A decade ago we weren’t used to this invasion of privacy.  No one knew that I had a subscription to Cat Fancy magazine and I was sure to remove the delivery info before I recycled.  Just in case.
But look what’s happening now: Clear Channel UK and 3D Exposure are running a digital OOH campaign that uses facial recognition to show bus-shelter billboards to women only for Plan UK’s “Because I Am A Girl” campaign.  (Men will only see the URL.)
Depending on how well it goes they have plans to deploy the technology on a wider scale.
But keep in mind, this is taking place in London where there’s a police camera at every intersection.  The population is used to being tracked.


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