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Industry Insight: Under Armour Found An Amazingly Simple Way To Drive Sales

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Under Armour has found a way to propel its business — by marketing to women. Women’s activewear is a huge expanding market, with traditional retailers from Gap to Nordstrom jumping in to try to get a cut.Under Armour had a distinct advantage because it’s already mastered athletic apparel. The brand, however, is much more successful with men. The brand’s new “What’s Beautiful” campaign is aimed toward women.


(From Business Insider, October 12, 2012)

It’s resonating with consumers, according to YouGov BrandIndex, which measures people’s perceptions of different retailers. They measured the campaign’s effectiveness and told us the results:

“The company launched its “What’s Beautiful” digital experience and competition in April…The tagline for the newly debuted TV spots is: “No matter what, sweat every day. I will.” Under Armour has reached its highest consumer perception levels with women 18 – 34 in nearly four years.”

Before the campaign started, women’s apparel accounted for close to 30 percent of Under Armour’s sales. They’re hoping to grow the category.Marketing to women is smart: they’re buying more activewear than ever and the market hasn’t shown any signs of letting up.

Here’s a chart from YouGov showing women’s responses to the campaign:



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