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Integrating Social Media Into Your Strategy

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Social media is widely used as a marketing channel across various industries.  However, it is interesting to note that while utilized, it is often not actually integrated into the larger scheme of their strategy.  An article published by Forbes on Tuesday December 16th says that results from The CMO Survey continue to indicate that many companies manage social media as a separate activity. When asked how effectively social media is linked to their company’s marketing strategy on a 1-7 scale where 1 is “not integrated” and 7 is “very integrated,” the average level of integration was only 3.9.  In response to these results, Forbes decided to interview marketers from a variety of industries to gain insight into how to plan on furthering social media integration.  Their recommendations were to:

1. Choose strategy over tools
2. Drive social media actions against marketing goals.
3. Be forward looking.
4. Align social media channel to marketing strategy.
5. Create social media toolkits.
6. Put social media experts on brand and customer teams.
7. Balance in-house and agency expertise.
8. Convert to purchase.
9. Be willing to say no.
10. Champion innovation.
11. Sort of attribution,
12. Learn from failures.

To read more into the detail of their recommendations, click here!

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