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Introducing Social Collaboration Tool grindfeed

After much anticipation, Conversation is pleased to announce the launch of its newest project – introducing social collaboration tool grindfeed. The platform, also optimized for users via mobile, includes a complete suite of project management capabilities, along with unique features to increase cooperation, improve productivity and simplify communication among team members.

Some of the unique aspects of the grindfeed include easy searching for updates, daily hotsheets, and a patented email notification system. It also features a progress tracking system that immediately allows users to monitor the updates and phases of a project.

For years Conversation team members have utilized different types of project management systems to streamline process and ensure high quality results for our clients. However, after finding numerous flaws in other systems, Conversation designed and developed the concept for grindfeed. The team conducted extensive research into the project management system space and considered the issues that our agency, and other customers of project management sites, faces on a day-to-day basis. The Conversation Product Development team continuously tweaked and updated the platform until it addressed the needs of all departments. grindfeed is expected to help companies over a large span of business sectors.

All plans come with unlimited user allowance and are secured using SSL encryption. For more information on grindfeed, or to sign up for membership or a free trial, please visit


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