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Is an $8.00 Hamster Really the Hottest Item of the Holidays?

I think it’s safe to say unfortunately, yes, an eight dollar hamster is this holiday’s hottest and most popular item this season.¬† And with an item like that taking top honors, it‚Äôs easy to see why sales are already being predicted to be lackluster for this holiday season.¬† Where are the toys that send parents into a murderous frenzy to find like ‘Tickle Me Elmo’ or ‘Furbies’?¬† Where are the game systems that are so expensive that people have to refinance their mortgage just to purchase and keep their kids happy?¬† It’s just not happening this year folks, sorry!


A great article on blames the slow holiday sales on a lack of breakthrough products and just about zero innovation coming from companies and their manufacturers.¬† I’m going to stand right next to ad age and shake my finger at the creative department of company, shame on you!!!!

I think manufacturers should take the Hollywood approach to innovation, which usually goes either one of two ways:
1. When you run out of ideas, just make a newer, more expensive, over the top version of an old product! This has worked in Hollywood for decades now, look at every superhero movie, horror movie, or movie that grossed over $10 million dollars.¬† Tyco should package Elmo with a Blackberry and a Macbook and make ‘Social Networking Elmo’ Something!

2. Sell them the same thing again! Make a special, more expensive re-release of a product.  Give it fancy packaging, make it a collectors edition, hell  make it do the exact same thing it did ten years ago!

Hopefully next year I won’t be as¬† disappointed this year when I found out that the hottest toy is a more expensive version of a live pet rodent.


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