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Kellye’s Top 5 Passions


What is Kellye AKA “Mohawk” passionate about? It’s already pretty clear, that I’ve got an alternative style, but there are many things about me that one typically would not be able to gather just from my appearance, so I’ve decided to share with you a top 5 list of my favorite things:


5. Art – Although I’m a developer, I am also pretty skilled with other media, I just don’t choose to do it as a career because otherwise it’s not as fun anymore. Drawing/Illustration and music are all things I prefer to keep as hobbies, but I don’t get to enjoy it as much as I used to.


4. Exotic Birds –Birds, when handled properly, are very affectionate and smart, but low maintenance, which better suits my lifestyle than some other animals would. Skillz is a Rosy Bourke Parakeet. He’s mostly anti-social, but he looks really cool and makes gentle cooing noises in the morning time. Dragon is a parrotlet. Only 3” tall he tries to be a tough guy and his vocabulary is quite impressive. He mimics the most random sounds (such as sneezing, the clicking sound my phone makes while I type, and laughing) and will also say his and the other birds’ names with lots of enthusiasm. He also likes to fly into my bed and harass me when I sleep too late. Squirt is the Lutino Cockatiel. She has no talent, aside from being extremely adorable. Tranny, is an gray Indian Ringneck Parakeet, about 18” long, but with ninja-like reflexes. Her ability to steal food from me is impressive. She also likes to dance to electro music.


3. Dancing – Dancing wasn’t always something I was any good at, but I made a point to start learning in high school when I realized there were these things called “dances” that I might want to go to. When that time came around, I normally didn’t want to dance, because the music was terrible, but by the time I was 17 I started going to raves, clubs, and for a few years was a competitive breaker. Now, my style is mostly a mixture of urban and rave dance styles. I don’t practice anything specifically anymore, nor do I compete or perform. It’s just a part of having fun for me these days.


2. Rugby – It’s my favorite sport of all time. An Irish guy I knew in high school introduced me to the sport. Since 2004, I have played actively between U-19 and Women’s Teams. Rugby rules are pretty unusual and the social traditions are extremely bizarre, but it makes for an awesome group of teammates to spend time with, both on the field and off. Who wouldn’t want to participate in a sport when you drink immediately after every game with the other team?


1. Philanthropy – Philanthropy, you say? Yes, in the past I have been active with volunteering—not because I had to, by any means, but because I enjoy it. Community service can be very enjoyable too, when you find something that you like doing that also happens to benefit others at the same time. Since high school, I have been involved in a number of groups that offered volunteering opportunities. Some of my favorite were through school and through an organization called “Hands on Nashville” and in college with my campus’ chapter of organization called the “Hip Hop Congress”. Some of my favorite projects were with children. We would venture out to impoverish rural towns in Appalachia with turntables and dancers, and taught the children about the elements of Hip Hop or spend time with them on MLK Day. Turns out, a lot of these kids naturally grasp hip hop culture. These days, I don’t have as much free time, so I find a cause, organization, or non-profit to donate to at least once a month.

Bet you couldn’t tell all that just by judging my appearances. I bet that also you would never know that Prince is my favorite musician of all time. Thank goodness he isn’t dead yet.


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