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KitKat’s Epic Response to Apple’s #Bendgate Scandal

As stated in the past, maintaining relevance in your brand message with regards to what is going on in the world is very important.  It doesn’t work all the time, but taking all factors into consideration, it often can give you an upper leg on your competition and give consumers another reason to relate with you.

KitKat did just that.  With the iPhone 6 launch being on the top of everyone’s radar, and now this new #bendgate scandal of the iPhone 6 Plus’s reportedly bending in users’ pockets, the public is all over the issue.  KitKat made themselves a part of the conversation by launching a new campaign emphasizing what they do best.  The tagline comically reads, “We don’t bend, we break!”

Adding some comic relief to an aggravating issue for many offers just another excuse for their market to reward and indulge themselves with one of their crispy chocolate bars.