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Lilly Pulitzer For Target Leaves Fans Frenzied

When Lilly Pulitzer’s new 250 piece line for Target was finally launched after much anticipation on Sunday April 19th, it caused quite a frenzy among fans and customers.  Stores were reported to have sold out within mere minutes and the extraordinarily heavy traffic to actually caused the site to crash!  Those luck enough to get their hands on some of the items from the new collection were more than thrilled, however many of the unlucky ones were not very happy.  Customers and fans took social media by storm both praising and complaining about the launch.  But as we all now, there’s no such thing as bad press.  Brand awareness for Lilly has spiked exponentially and the brand saw a 95% increase on their Facebook page in the past few days!  The collaboration may leave some shaking their heads, but Lilly and Target could not be happier!