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Making Conversation: Ali and Chris


A: So Chris, what do you do here at Conversation?
C: I am the Manager of Brand Development, and I oversee NY, all new and existing clients, as well as LA and Miami. What do you do Allison?
A: Well Chris, I am account Executive for the Client Services team.

C: Very Cool… Um so, first order of business because we basically just introduced ourselves – What’s your favorite nickname that I call you? I Have Ally McBeal, I have Chuga Chuga CHuga, and AK-47 and Guns…
A: Well Chris that’s a very interesting question… Um, in the morning when I walk in and you’re always there, and the Chuga Chuga Chuga starts – that’s when I like that name the most, because it’s like my entrance… Then throughout the day I think I prefer AK-47 with a mix of Guns.
C: There is Gun show going on – Bang Bang! …. So, as you know our office is always playing music. What’s your favorite and least favorite song that comes on?
A: Well, I think my favorite is the Justin Bieber “Baby” song.
C: Completely agree…
A: And, I have two favorites actually – also “Eni Mi Ni Mo Lover,” especially because you sing with it so nicely.
C: I do what I can.
A: And my least favorite would be “Everything Tonight” just because I’m really sick of it.
C: Same, who sings that Usher?
A: Ne-yo
C: Oh yeah, Ne-yo, no go. Um, what’s been the most random or funny client request you’ve had here at the agency?
A: So far here nothing’s been too crazy… hmm… No I haven’t had that many as of yet. Pretty standard.
C: So you’re saying you want me to bring in some crazy clients for you to have to deal with?
A: No, that’s not what I’m saying.
C: Ok, cool. So we used to have a Dodge Ball team – I don’t think we actually ever won but we looked really good doing it – what do you think should be the next sports team that Conversation starts?
A: I think Convo should start a Kickball team just because everyone probably played Kickball in their childhood and it’s just fun.
C: Speaking of fun sports, we know you got a new apartment and a new chair – how’s the new chair working out?
A: The chair hasn’t come yet!
C: Can we @tweet a complaint to the store?
A: Yes, let’s do that.
C: Do you like long walks on the beach?
A: I do.
C: Thanks.


A: So, anyway, every Friday you walk in with your Louis Vuitton duffel bag, hop on a plane, and jet somewhere – what is your favorite vacation destination?
C: Um, I’m actually going to say my most exciting trip is one I’m going to be taking soon – going to Bangkok and exploring all over Southeast Asia.
A: That’s very cool. Are you going to pack more than just that duffel bag?
C: No, I’m literally trying to be adventurous and going to backpack – basically the goal is to ride elephants, everything else is second priority.
A: That’s really cool. So what is the most fun you’ve had so far here at Conversation? You’re always in such a  good mood – singing, dancing, everything seems like it’s fun to you – but what is the most fun you’ve had so far?
C: Well, we’ve had just the widest arrange of clients and client meetings, everything from yogurt shops and cupcake shops to high fashion to women’s menopausal products – the meetings are always interesting – so the meetings always bring something new and fun and some type of crazy story to the team.
A: You have impeccable sense of style, you’re always very well put-together- do you have any fashion tips?
C: What??
A: You know you do!
C: Um, well considering the shoes, jeans, and shirt are all purchased by my mother, I would say first rule of hint is hire my mother to pick out your wardrobe… and also thank her for my genetics.
A: I’ll be sure to – what’s her name?
C: Mary.
A: Ok, I’ll be sure to thank Mary.
C: But my friend bought me this bracelet in Tibet – Zach.
A: Ok, Zach and Mary – I’ll be sure to reach out.
C: Yep. Give a little shout-out.



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