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MapQuest Gets a Makeover

One of the most popular websites on the internet, MapQuest, has just received a fresh new look. Since starting in 1996, MapQuest has been a leader in online mapping and direction tools. Recently though, Google has taken the spotlight away with Google Maps. This more up-to-date site had a one up on MapQuest with capabilities such as Street View, Google Search integration and a more efficient approach with their direction tools. AOL, who acquired MapQuest back in 2000, and MapQuest realized a website overhauling was in dire need to regain popularity.

The new site boasts a whole new, much sleeker look than the old version. The site now has a whole new image and direction along with a new trendy logo. Many of the changes to the website are to make it easier for users to navigate the site. The user interface is less cluttered than before and there is more relevant information above the fold.  When clicking the directions button, users are presented with a whole new interface that is very modern and efficient. MapQuest has made it easier to add and reorder different stops on your trip with a drag-and-drop system.

With this whole new design and features, MapQuest just might be making the comeback that has been long overdue. What do you think? Does MapQuest have a fighting chance still with its rival Google Search?

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