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Marketing for Travel and Tourism: Overview


I like traveling. Who doesn’t?  Just as I will spend hours (sometimes days) on researching the “best” flat screen tv or the latest and greatest digital camera out in the market, I will spend days researching my next destination to visit, to explore, to conquer, to relax in, etc.  My usual routine is as follows: I’d talk to family and friends, pose a question on my Facebook wall, reach out to a few travel agents, etc. but in the end of it all, I will always, without exception, hop onto Google in search of info, info, info and the “real scoop” in the form of user-generated comments.

From airlines to hotels to car rentals to aggregator sites to tour companies down to the tour guides, the travel and tourism industry is big business.

So, destinations listen up! If you want me to visit, please be sure that you’ve got yourself covered in the digital space first and foremost. Essentials:

  • Be sure that you have a user-friendly website with pertinent info to include unique highlights and features; in other words, don’t just tell me you have everything, but rather be sure to call out what you have that other places are lacking!
  • Your website should also include area maps and provide “how to” info on local and domestic travel, to encourage further exploration of nearby destinations
  • Include links to user-generated feedback; don’t just have them live on your page, but invite avid researchers such as myself to visit the direct source link. (nudge, Tripadvisor)
  • Dominate the search engine arena by:

o Ensuring that you blitz the blog-o-sphere

o Positioning yourself as an expert via article marketing

o Optimizing your video content



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