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Marketing for Travel and Tourism: Trends, Uses, Case Studies

As Mimi mentioned in this week’s overview, a key factor in the travel and tourism industry is setting your destination aside from the others: “In other words, don’t just tell me you have everything, but rather be sure to call out what you have that other places are lacking!”

Why would you relax on the beach in Miami instead of Hawaii? Why would you see the sights in Los Angeles instead of scoping out the NYC? For this week’s case studies, let’s consider how some of our countries greatest vacation spots position themselves and stand apart from the crowd:

New York: See More. Be More.


Let’s start with the Big Apple because – in my humble and completely biased opinion as a New Yorker – it’s the best city in the nation! And apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks so. The New York City tourism board agrees that in visiting NYC you will see the best our country has to offer in terms of sights and entertainment, which will help you become more. (And more of what is entirely up to you!)

Chicago: Second to None?


Typically Midwesterners are thought to carry themselves with a sort of humility, but not Chicago…anymore! Looking to position itself with a bolder confidence, the old tag line “Make No Little Plans” has been done away with for something a bit nervier, stopping just short of hubris – which is why I couldn’t help but list the Windy City second. J

Los Angeles: That’s so LA.



Why should LA LA Land have to endorse itself when they could get Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant or Lauren Conrad of MTV’s The Hills to do it for them? Star-studded, larger than life, and full of possibility, Los Angeles definitely has a unique quality and way of life that it is famous for – such a characteristic is best simply embodied by the tagline “That’s so LA.”

Florida: Your Florida Side.



Do you hear that? It’s your Florida side calling! Awaken your sense of adventure, embrace life, explore the world, and discover yourself – who knew there was so much more to the Sunshine State than sandy beaches, active nightlife, and Disney World?!

Philadelphia: With Love.



Your new not-so-secret admirer sends hugs and kisses your way in an attempt to lure you in! By appealing to you with the personalized touches to their messaging,  the City of Brotherly Love knows you’ll be true because nobody loves you more than Philly does!



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