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McDonald’s Shrinking Menu

McDonald’s, the fast-food franchise that has taken the world by storm, has finally decided to cut down on menu items and re-think their brand positioning for 2015.  While other fast casual and quick service restaurants have been focusing their marketing efforts on promoting their “quality” McDonald’s has stood by their promises of “value” and “ease” and seemed to miss the boat in the quality arena.  This move has proven to not be the most successful strategy and plans are in effect for the future.  While McDonald’s did their best to stay on top of their consumers’ flavor profile preferences by adding over 100 different menu items over the past few years, their failure to stay on top of the “quality” trend has put them in a position of playing catch-up.  As marketers, it is our promise and our job to stay on top of the current market trends so that our strategies are always relevant.

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