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Measuring Ratings of Videos Viewed Through Mobile

ABC has announced that it will begin measuring ratings of videos viewed through mobile during a trial run with Nielson. Nielson’s services already cover viewership on both computer and tablet browsers, however, this test run will be the first of its kind. According to AdAge, the move is concurrent with the launch of ABC’s Watch ABC app, which will allow cable and satellite subscribers to stream ABC’s live signal to mobile devices.

The move also comes at an ideal time for ABC as a network, with many television stations trying to woo advertisers to invest in their fall lineups. According to ABC’s VP of development and marketing, the network’s current mobile app saw a 71 percent increase in usage between February of 2012 and 2013. This follows other attempts by ABC to help advertisers better understand the value of media outside television. Earlier this year, ABC began using Nielson’s Online Campaign ratings to provide guarantees to advertisers for video programming distributed both on TV and online.

Mobile advertising is still considered the Wild West when it comes to marketing – full of possibility. While some marketers have been hesitant to fully delve into the medium, others have realized its potential and continue to experiment with new and revolutionary ways of capturing user attention. However, if this test proves to be successful, it could encourage more brands to enter the mobile space due to more accurate measurements.

According to Nielson, the company will continue to reach out to other networks about mobile measurement services.




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