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The Millennial Diner

Digital, digital, digital. Millennials are obsessed with digital. They want everything fast. They have no value for real, in-person experiences. Their heads are always down looking at their phones.

These are the kind of messages that over time we have come to truly believe.  The days of talking face-to-face and having sit down dinners to converse leisurely about our days are over. Right? Not necessarily.

Although it is true that as technological advancements have made great strides throughout millennials’ lives, it has become ever more a part of their culture; this does not mean that this younger generation has no use for personal interactions. In fact, in light of dining experiences, these preferences are on the up-swing of change.

This generation knows how to use technology, that is a fact. But that does not mean they want it integrated into every facet of their life as some may believe.  Fast casual restaurants in particular are beginning to catch on to this trend and are beginning to offer more personalized dining experiences where a waiter actually interacts table-side with the customers.

Table-side computer screens for ordering are certainly innovative, but offering a real waiter will give the chance for a technology break and a chance for millennials to pick their heads up. Old things become new again all the time as trends change. This would certainly be a bit of change for the good and a new way to market to millennials.