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Millennial Targeting Tips From The Best

Everyone is always searching for the most innovative ways to target millennials.  They’re on SOCIAL MEDIA!  They like SHORT videos!  They only trust content shared by their FRIENDS!  They SKIP radio commercials!  There are so many different claims floating around; but the truth of the matter is that it really varies by the type of person you’re dealing with.  Four executives from Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Pandora gave their best words of wisdom for targeting millennials.

Steve Hwang, director of operations and strategy at Snapchat, said brands should try their best to reach millennials at a “local” level.  He claims that the closer to home the content resonates (the closest being seen as something shared by a close friend) the more likely the millennial will absorb the content.

Facebook’s Johnson said that you realistically have three seconds to grab a millennials attention with a video.  After the first three seconds they decide whether or not the content is engaging.  If they think it’s cool, the length of time of the entire video doesn’t matter; they’ll watch for 10 seconds or 5 minutes if they find it interesting.  In short, the length isn’t as important as how engaging the first few seconds are.

Stephanie Prager, agency development lead at Twitter, says brands shouldn’t overlook the power of influential people on Vine.  Millennials are tuned into the platform and some of the popular Viners are just as influential to them as Hollywood A-Listers.

Lastly, Pandora’s SVP of consumer packaged goods sales and strategy, Tamara Bedrosian, urged marketers not to get caught up in the heresay, and rather back up their decisions with relevant data.  Tailoring your messaging to the specific “environment and mindset” is key to a successful ad campaign.

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