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Mobile Means A Shift In Consumer Shopping Habits

According to a recent study by Millennial Media and comScore, the ratio of mobile devices to people on earth is nearly 1:1. Naturally, mobile means a shift in consumer shopping habits. Not that this is any groundbreaking proclamation, but consumers are moving away from shopping via desktops and conducting more of their online purchases via smartphones and tablets. However, the study revealed just how stark the evolution appears.

Based on the study, retail m-commerce sales in the US and UK are expected to jump about $86 billion over the next four years. The data also suggests that mobile extends the desktop retail audience by nearly 45%. With the research also revealing that the mobile retail audience has grown by 300% since 2011, brands may also want to put an effort behind a seamless shopping experience that stretches across desktop shopping and mobile.

Additional findings included the fact that mobile (smartphone and tablet) accounts for just over half of total retail time spent by consumers in the digital space. That’s a jump of 35% since 2010. The majority of the mobile retail audience is males between the ages of 18 and 44. Surprisingly, males are 5% more likely to shop via smartphone than females.

When actually in-store, the likelihood of males checking their smartphone versus females is roughly the same. However, each goes about using their mobile devices in a different way. Whereas females often resort to social interaction, such as texting or calling a friend or family member about a product, males tend to use their mobile devices to compare prices.

So what does it all mean? Experts have preached the importance of mobile the past few years, however many brands have still been reluctant to listen. Yet this study has revealed that mobile use is not only growing at an exponential rate, but mobile behavior has to be taken into careful consideration depending on the target a brand is pursuing.


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