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Moms Drive Cause Marketing Campaigns to Their Goal

Cause Marketing is all the rage these days.  If you have been attuned to your social media feeds for the past few weeks you probably are at least somewhat familiar with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  This kind of campaign asks the public to take a call-to-action, and it is a very effective tactic if implemented correctly.  On this past Tuesday, the ALS Association posted on its website that between July 29th and Aug. 12th the association received $4 million in donations, compared to $1.12 million during the same time period last year… that’s over a 300% increase!

Besides this social media virality approach, which has been very effective among Millennials, cause marketing can be very effective via other methods as well, especially among moms.

Target launched a very successful campaign with the tagline “Every Little Thing Is a Really Big Deal,” led by Los Angeles based ad agency, 72andSunny.  The campaign called moms, who were shopping for their child/children’s school supplies, to action by encouraging them to purchase their Up & Up branded products.  Target made the promise that for each Up & Up item purchased, they would donate an Up & Up item to The Kids In Need Foundation.  This approach gave moms the opportunity to help give back, which is apparently something they really love to do, as opposed to some other demographic segments.

According to the results found in the 2010 Cone Cause Evolution Study, not only do moms control 80% of household spending, they also are more likely to buy a product and/or switch brands to support a cause. “When it came to shopping attitudes, behavior, and the proclivity to support a social or environmental cause, moms were the ultimate cause consumer.” In addition, the 2008 Barkley Cause Survey revealed that “The most important driver for charitable giving and volunteering activities for moms was teaching their children about the importance of giving back.”

Target reached their goal of being able to match $25 million dollars worth of Up & Up school supplies by August 2nd, from their start date of July 13th.  They announced their proud achievement on Twitter this past Tuesday, August 12th and initiated the hashtag that celebrates every #firstdayofschool, while asking parents to post pictures of their kid’s “brave face.”

“It feels good to do good”, and taking advantage of moms’ willingness to participate in causes that will increase your brand’s awareness is a great way to position yourself for future growth.  Claps all around for Target and all the great moms out there who helped make this campaign for The Kids In Need Foundation a success!