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Moms Go Organic

Organic is a term that has slowly been infiltrated our culture over the past several years.  But now, with stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joes increasing their footprint and with more and more brands jumping on the “all natural” and “organic” bandwagon.  One market segment in particular that has been gravitating quite heavily to organic food brands are moms – particularly new moms.  They want to offer the absolute best, most nutritious food for their growing little ones and with the endless number of options now at their fingertips, it’s making their decision making process easier and easier.  BabyCenter’s 2015 State of Modern Motherhood report reveals that “When women become moms, 63% of them change their grocery, food, and beverage purchase criteria. The biggest change? They start buying organic.” In addition, the report states that “Moms today are nearly twice as likely to buy organic food for their kids as they were in 2009.”  The landscape for marketers is constantly changing.  To stay relevant in the eyes of your consumers, you must continue to adapt.