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Most Popular Campaigns of 2009

Adweek just came out with their list of ‘Most Popular Campaigns of 2009’ and taking the cake this year was Snickers with their ‘Snacklish Campaign.¬† This was pretty deserved, because even now I can’t think of a place where I haven’t seen something in Snacklish.¬† I’ve seen them all over television with thier commercials, on top of taxi’s, incorporated into my Madden 10 video game, and I’ve even seen them in my dreams.¬†, is also a great microsite where you can translate any English word into Snacklish.


Other campaigns, and personal favorites, to make the list are Bud Light’s “Tailgate Approved”, and the E*Trade “Golf Baby”.¬† One capaigns I am sad to see missing the list this year include Extenze, everyones favorite male enchancement pill, as annoying and cheseey as these ads are, they have sold over 1 billion of their un-FDA approved capsules to unknowing men everywhere. Take a look at the rest of the list:


You can also check out the whole article Right Here.


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