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We’re really excited about a new iPhone app called Fast Society. According to Mashable, this new app allows friends to create messaging groups on smartphones that expire after short-term periods. Members of the group will be able to easily converse with one another, have one-touch conference call capabilities, and also have access to a geolocater to pinpoint group members’ locations. This app is similar to GroupMe, which allows any phone users create an SMS chat room. However, GroupMe does not have as many convenient features as Fast Society. The creators of Fast Society were inspired for this app when they had trouble keeping track of all of their friends at a Bloc Party concert.

We love this idea, because we all know how annoying everlasting chatrooms can get on phones. People never stop having things to say, but I stop caring after about 500 messages a day! With Fast Society, you can set a certain amount of time for the group to expire after- for example, 3 hours while you’re out on a Friday night. No more annoying messages 3 days later, no more constant message alerts.

This app is available now for iPhone users, but the creators say that they’re working on rolling out versions for Blackberry, Android, and Windows Mobile. The app is currently free, but there are rumors of cool new capabilities being sold in the future. Can’t wait to see where this goes!


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