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New Year Resolutions for Brands

Start 2014 off right by following these New Year resolutions for brands.

Show your human side – we promise it isn’t so bad. By showing transparency – brands and companies can create consumer loyalty – and now there are more tools out there to manage and foster this relationship. For example, social media isn’t simply a platform to post all the exciting projects your brand has implemented. Make sure you are interacting with consumer posts and outreach, whether they are complimentary or critical. Giving your fans a sense that you are listening certainly helps brand perception.

Optimize your site for mobile!  – Mobile advertising is increasing exponentially, and so is mobile shopping, as this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday revealed. According to a survey by Crittercism, 86% of smartphone users have made a purchase using their phone or tablet. If you haven’t mobile optimized your site, you may want to sooner rather than later – especially if you are a retailer.

Go heavier on the visual – The visual revolution has already begun. As Instagram, Pinterest, Vine and Snapchat users continue to increase, make sure your brand takes a creative approach to capture fan attention.

Take an integrated approach – step away from the silo approach and realize how important cross-channel marketing is. Not only is connecting digital and social to all marketing initiatives wise from a consumer standpoint, it makes economic sense, as well.

Spend more time on Twitter – Twitter is often overlooked for Facebook. However, there are plenty of signs pointing toward Twitter being a goldmine for marketers. Outside of the company’s recent IPO filing, studies have shown that it is more popular among teens than Facebook, and its ad retargeting program and willingness to adopt new technologies definitely makes it more ad-friendly.

Make sure your product measures up – even if you have an amazing marketing campaign, if the product doesn’t cut it, people will not only catch on, but tell others. A bad consumer experience can spread like wildfire through review sites and social media. Avoid having to go to damage control by giving them a good one.


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