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Nike’s New Women-Targeted Campaign

Nike launched their new women targeted campaign “Better For It” on the evening of Sunday, April 12th during the 24th annual MTV Movie Awards.  Quite different from previous campaigns which are very uplifting and motivating from the start, this ad is all about “I can’t.”

Upon first watching the campaign, many women have reported feeling themselves become a bit defensive that Nike is portraying women struggling in their efforts to workout and get in shape.  However, upon watching a second time many have begun to realize how relatable the campaign actually is.  Spots from the commercial feature scenarios ranging from a woman expressing her inner frustration at how many mirrors there are in her work-out class, to a women thinking to herself how uplifting (in the most sarcastic sense) it is to be seated behind a row of supermodels in her spin class.  More often than not we cut ourselves down.

This campaign features the real inner struggles that many women have each and every day while trying to stay in shape, and it does so in a way that while being so relatable (almost comically) it’s actually very empowering.  The end of the commercial features a woman crossing the finish line in a race… despite being drenched in sweat and panting she thinks to herself “I did it!? Let’s go again.”  Check out the video below for yourself!