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Nivea’s Recent Marketing Stunt Really Had People Squirming

Every once in a while an ad comes along that may make people a little uncomfortable (such as GoDaddy’s “Kiss” Super Bowl spot). However, Nivea’s recent marketing stunt really had people squirming. Camping out at a German airport to promote their new “Stress Protect” deodorant, the skincare brand took sweating to the next level.

Nivea and ad agency Felix & Lamberti teamed up to select specific individuals that would then be fooled into thinking the authorities were looking for them (no big deal or anything). Once the person seriously started to panic, Nivea representatives emerged to present them with the new product.

The video has already received thousands of views on YouTube and will almost certainly continue to go viral. However, it brings up an interesting question regarding the value of stunts like this: are they worth it? These tactics can cost considerable time and money (not to mention some sanity for the chosen “criminals”). Yet, if this fails to receive a considerable amount of attention online, then was it really worth it?

Check out the video below and let us know what you think.


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