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Notable Absentees in Super Bowl Ad Spots

Breezing through Ad Age this morning, I found the list of comAdd New Post ‚Äπ The Convo Blog ‚Äì Culture, Technology, Marketing ‚Äî WordPresspanies buying Super Bowl Ads.¬† At a mere 3 million dollars for a 30 second spot, I strolled my finger down the page to see the usual suspects; Coca-Cola,¬† Doritos, E*Trade, Honda, and Walt Disney are a few of the heavy hitters who annually buy multiple ad spots each year. Dog food brad Pedigree, and¬† first time ad buyers, Denny’s, were a suprise to see on the list. Top to bottom, the article is filled with the names you expect to see every year, with a few notable exceptions. GM, FedEx and Pepsi have all decided to not run ads at all during the Super Bowl.

For the first time in a decade, no U.S. automaker will advertise during the most-watched U.S. sports event when NBC televises the National Football League‚Äôs title game Feb. 1.¬† Also, I don’t know if you would want the 90+ million americans who bailed out GM, watching a horrible 3 million dollar tv spot that they funded with tax payers dollars.

FedEx just plain doesn’t have the expendable income.¬† The company said last month it was freezing hiring and cutting the pay of Chief Executive Officer Fred Smith following a drop in domestic express shipments, why spend $100,000 a second when you don’t have to?

Pepsi is skipping Super Bowl ads for a $20 million social media campaign.  As part of the charitable initiative the Refresh Project, Pepsi will launch the website on Jan. 13, where visitors can suggest community rehabilitation projects. From Feb. 1, users will vote on which projects should receive what percentage of $20 million that Pepsi is investing in the Refresh Project.

Although I love watching the Super Bowl commercials, I’m a bigger fan of football, and I can only hope like in the past few years that the game is actually better than the ads.¬† I will leave you now with Pepsi’s greatest Super Bowl ad of all time.

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