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Observations from a highly aware guy

I have the wonderful opportunity to meet lots of people in my line of work – people from all walks of life/backgrounds, which I love. That being said, I had an interesting “conversation” with a colleague today, discussing a few pet peeves I’ve encountered/realized after copious amounts of new business meetings.

1) Shirt Collar. Below is collar that clearly has fascines (and were clearly put there for a reason), but often times people don’t feel the need to use them. May I suggest otherwise. It helps to show the appearance of being buttoned up (only slight pun)


2) Over-pronunciation of words. I come in contact with many smart, well-educated people. I know you know how to spell duct tape – you don’t have to put some much emphasis on the “T” (of course saying the word “pretentious” with a bad French accent is acceptable and in fact, encouraged!)

Cotillion would surely agree!


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