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Owning A Slice of Apple’s History

apple-1_--_personal_computer_an_apple-1_motherboard_number_82_printed_d5370965hIn 1976 Apple introduced it’s very first computer, the Apple-1. This was long before Steve Jobs had ever seen success– after all, the Apple-1s were sold from his basement for $666.66. Little did he know that 34 years later this same computer would be expected to sell for as much as $242,400.

London auctioneer, Christie’s, credits the computer artifact for “heralding the home computer revolution.” So how exactly did it do so? As stated on the item’s web page, “…the Apple-1 was sold without a casing, power supply, keyboard or monitor.” However, what the Apple-1 did include was a pre-assembled motherboard, a major breakthrough at a time when many other computers had customers assemble parts on their own. The auctioned Apple-1 also comes with historical Apple items, such as a letter to the buyer from Steve Jobs himself, as well as the shipping box complete with Jobs’ old return address.

It’d take a true Apple fan to shell out thousands of dollars for an incredibly obsolete piece of technology, but to put things in perspective, the computer comes with 8 KB of RAM, which by today’s standards is just enough space to fit a song or two in mp3 format. So with that in mind we’d like to know: How high would YOUR bid be for the Apple-1?


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