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Post-win Best in Biz Awards Interview with Design Director, David Orellana

Conversation sat down for Post-win Best in Biz Awards Interview with Design Director, David Orellana. Find out what he had to say!

How did you feel upon learning that your team won international “Department of the year?”

Orellana: I didn’t feel shocked, I felt proud. To be recognized on an International level is an extraordinary accomplishment. As an agency, we’ve won several awards for Client campaigns, which reflect the work that we’ve done. However, to receive Department of the Year award means it’s not just for the work that’s produced, but for who we are as a team – that’s something special.

What makes your team unique?

Orellana: Everyone on our team brings a unique talent and creative skill. As a team, we all originate from a different ethnic background, which means we all bring different experiences to the table. We have the “work-hard, play hard” attitude, and we work alongside each other not just as colleagues, but as good friends. We’ve created an environment that allows for ideas to flow freely, and oftentimes that’s what sparks some of the best ones.


What were some creative projects that stand out in your mind from 2012?

Orellana: After appearing on AMC’s “The Pitch” and winning popchips, 2012 was a busy year. The entire Embrace Beyond Engagement campaign for dressbarn really stands out. It’s rewarding to see the end result of those several campaigns come alive and perform so successfully. We relaunched Conversation’s website which was a turning point, because we showcased previous campaigns and created a platform to view the expansive depth of work that we’ve produced as an agency.

Why should brands partner with small or mid-sized agencies?

Orellana: The benefit of choosing to work with small or mid-sized agencies allows for a stronger partnership between the Client and the Agency. From a Creative Department perspective, this allows us to tailor the creative components of a campaign to more closely align with the Client’s needs and objectives. Clients under larger holding companies have voiced concern as to what consolidation will mean for them. I think that in order to maximize creativity, the conversation between agency and client needs to A) be easily accessible and B) be exclusive. This is more easily attainable when working with small to mid-sized agencies.

What does it mean for the Creative team to have all departments ‘in-house?’

Orellana: In a word: efficiency. We work very closely with our Clients. We have the resources to allocate time for weekly status calls, which allows for a constant flow of communication between departments. The departments are accessible, and if something needs to be adjusted or edited, it can get done almost instantly. Because everything is ‘in-house’ at Conversation, we can make sure that mobile, print, digital…etc, all align with the overarching strategy.


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